Welcome- Happy Birthday to Mom


This is my first blog post, my very first, and I can’t help but wonder if I’m not a little late in the game. For years, I’ve been a calm, yet avid passerby in the blogosphere. I’ve read blogs, commented on blogs, religiously followed blogs, feasted my eyes on beautiful photography, and learned quite a bit along the way. I love the blog medium. It’s versatile; it weeds out the mediocre authors from serious ones (only the serious ones get consistently read). It showcases new talent that otherwise would have been passed over by the biased eyes of publishers and other industry professionals.

But then I read something. And I read it, again, and again. On this blog, on that one. And it goes something like this: the moment you aren’t creating something, contributing something to the overall universe, is the moment you are denying your full potential. Wow, so true. Although I tucked ideas and dreams away in my head over the years of being a steady blog reader, I wasn‘t giving back. Is it a little late to start writing a blog? Maybe. But then again, maybe not.


So let me introduce myself. I have blue eyes, like short finger nails painted red, think folk music needs to definitely come back in vogue, and love to tell stories. Stories without words that is. Don’t get me wrong, I love stories with words. In fact my whole graduate education had to do with stories with words. But wordless stories are so much more. They aren’t concrete. They are interpretive. You, the reader, the viewer, can make up a story when you see the image. While I started out studying studio art and had a few intensive years of it in high school, my education has little to do with painting. But I studied stories all the same. And painting, creating, and drawing, came from within me since the beginning; since I was old enough to take in images with my eyes and mentally crop them to make a perfect picture, a story that told one thousand words.

Armed with my gouaches, inks, pencils, and Canon Rebel T3, I’m ready now to give back to the universe, to share a story that is unique to me. But ultimately, it’s a story about you. I want to capture in essence, the joy of life. Life’s personal stories, our own narratives, are the best. They are universally shared too: a child’s smile, a peony in bloom, a scent that reminisces of a long since eaten sugary chocolate birthday cake.


My goal for this blog is to share the joy of life through art. Through my unique eye that seeks to capture those moments. It is a canvas of inspiration, what inspires me to create: films, seasons, colors, travel, and words too. Also, I’m a grammar nut, a guru of conjugations and verbal tenses. I studied language for ten-years. I’d love to hear your positive feedback on both my art and my writing. While I don’t know where this space will take me, I trust that it will be a journal of color and pretty things if nothing else.

So to kick start things, I want to share a moment of joy: my Mom’s 50th birthday. We celebrated it yesterday, and days ago, a surprise party to celebrate the joy that she has brought into people’s lives. Mom is a supermom, and she always will be. I’m thankful for her and blessed by her presence. She loves pretzels with Philadelphia cream cheese, The Big Bang TV marathons, and playing with her dogs. She’s a very lovely person entering a very lovely, adventurous and dignified decade. Happy birthday, Mom! I hope 50 bring you infinitely more adventure, laughter, and personal growth!


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