Wander with Purpose by Toms

Several weeks back, this came in the mail. And I love it. For it’s simple design, ability to excite, and all-around great aesthetic. While I for a long time thought that the staple Toms shoe design was downright ugly, I love the mission. Buy a shoe, give a shoe. I love when business and charity […]

Springtime Sketching

After one tough northeast winter, spring has finally peaked through the clouds. The earth is warming up and everywhere life is showing signs of, well, life. I feel deeper rays of sunshine on my back, hear the nighttime sound of frogs creaking that is an oh so dear reminder of summer by-gone days. But I […]

Macaron Paris Illustration

Nothing that a little powdered sugar, egg whites, almond and jam can’t cure. Why are macaroons so simply irresistible? A tad nostalgic for France, raspberry jam smashed between two pillowy fruit flavored biscuits is probably my favorite flavor, after salted butter caramel. But I haven’t yet tried rose, or lavender, or even Madagascar chocolate. My […]

American Apple Pie à la française

Nothing quite spells out A-m-e-r-i-c-a more than apple pie. Really, name one American who just doesn’t love that gooey deliciousness of baked freshly picked apples with a twist of cinnamon and lemon between a buttery crisp crust. It’s the signature dish of all that’s delicious and patriotic. It’s the finishing touch to those infamous hot […]