Springtime Sketching


After one tough northeast winter, spring has finally peaked through the clouds. The earth is warming up and everywhere life is showing signs of, well, life.


I feel deeper rays of sunshine on my back, hear the nighttime sound of frogs creaking that is an oh so dear reminder of summer by-gone days.


But I see, oh I see, proof that this earth is made for color, pop your eyes out yellows, minty greens and royal purples. Just in time for Easter.



Perfect weekend days sitting in the breezes, smelling fresh onion grass. What a great year for daffodils, saffron centered crocus, and hyacinth. Spring is a great reminder to get away from the trap of technology and out into the beauty of the surrounding world that changes in front of our eyes. Enjoy another great season of sketching in the outdoors!IMG_6398ablog

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