When Life Gives You Lemons


1 Tom’s Linen Platform Wedges in Blue Mix, 2 Otis Jaxon Large Gold Hoop Textured Earrings,  3 Nordstorm Echo Modal Silk Scarf Turquoise, 4 Jessica Durrant Watercolor Fashion Illustration, The Yellow Bow Print, 5 Sabon Lemon Mint Body Scrub, 6 Oliver Smith Koko White Sunglasses, 7 Vespa Scooter, 8 Caravella Limoncello


Today I lament, respectfully so, over my lack of contribution to my blogging goal. Of weekly, monthly even, updates to my illustration portfolio. Of aesthetic exploration, adventures in design, and inspiration from the creative community all around me. It’s so easy to imagine how my day could be scheduled. A focused day at work, then an evening of focused creative bliss. A balanced life of work, family and art. But life isn’t always so cookie cutter. Things happen.


Who said that life was ever meant to be the way I imagine it? Life isn’t ever meant to be, and in an odd way, I can be thankful for that. Because the only constant is change. Periods of stability, marked by uncontrolled, sometimes scary, changes of direction. Different paths placed in front of us, unexpectedly. How does one cope?


And there are times when life does in fact give you lemons. In recent months, I was privileged to stand beside my grandfather as he passed from this world into a better one. It was of course a sad moment, but a thankful one nonetheless; I had been given so much time with him, times of joy and good health. I hold many beautiful memories of him in my heart, and love the idea that I will be seeing him one day again! What ensued over the next several weeks was a bit more difficult: the constant care of my sweet, kind grandmother whose world is entrapped in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

As her caretaker and faithful companion of 65 years was no longer living, she could not longer live on her own and had to move in with family. But she soldiers through her unfavorable circumstances, always the positive and optimistic one. She now lives in a community memory care setting with others living in similar worlds. She is sad, but getting better day by day. And I hope to soon see the return of that smile that sat on her lips since she was a little girl.


Sometimes life isn’t what it seems. Some days are bad, some days are great, but most are seemingly normal, full of hidden joys and points of grace that often go unnoticed. No, I’m not drawing as much as I initially hoped, but life is beautiful all the same. And so, I choose to make lemonade.


2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons

  1. I’m so sorry for your grandfather’s passing. I treasured my grandfather as well, he was wise, gentle, hard-working, a gentleman, as was my dad.

    Your photos, though, are sunny and citrus-y, and brighten my day!

  2. Maybe I should have saved this post until Father’s Day Pat! Dads and all nurturing dad figures in our lives, no matter at what age, are so important and their memories stay with us for a lifetime. I’m glad that you have had such similar sentiments!

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