Summer Reading with Elizabeth Gilbert

The perks of living near a world famous author: free foreign language goodies! Loving my Désirs de pèlerinages, (Pilgrims in French), and Alma Whittakers Betydelige Oppdagelser (The Signature of All Things in Norwegian) from Two Buttons. Too bad I can’t read Norwegian! Love summer reading @GilbertLiz Advertisements

Asparagus Illustration, L’asperge verte

A pleasant farewell to spring and all of its springtime garden delights. Roasted asparagus with a hint of lemon, a sprig or two of rosemary, a splash of olive oil (not too much), and much needed chopped fragrant garlic cloves make this dish one of the simple reasons why I love fresh produce.   I […]

Product Review: VistaPrint Business Cards

My goal for this blog is not to write or be paid for product endorsements. Instead, I want to showcase my experience and growth in illustration and design. Part of that growth is channeled through product usage and inspiration from other artists, which I will happily share my personal, never staged, experiences with you all. […]

Sketching N°5 Chanel

I’m finding myself in a busy, happily busy, week now that the warm weather is in full swing. Isn’t it great to be outside again? (Sorry southern hemisphere folks!) Lately my eye has been drawn to a number of really well done ads and magazine covers, especially their fonts and color schemes. I saw a […]

NSS ’14 at NYC

I’m finally getting around to posting some photos I took from my first stationary trade show experience, none other than at the National Stationary Show in NYC. For being a complete newbie to the world of trade shows, I was pleasantly surprised with the vendors and artisans openness to sharing with me their own experiences […]