NSS ’14 at NYC


I’m finally getting around to posting some photos I took from my first stationary trade show experience, none other than at the National Stationary Show in NYC. For being a complete newbie to the world of trade shows, I was pleasantly surprised with the vendors and artisans openness to sharing with me their own experiences in making and marketing greeting cards. While in theory the room was filled with hundreds of competitors, it felt more like a room full of friends. With some small exceptions, everyone was cheering everybody else on.



I knew that I had wanted to attend this event, a place where all major greeting card lines either go to debut their lines or to further their sales. My goal was to find not only inspiration from a business standpoint, but as well to meet up with the artists that I have been watching grow on the web for years! Luckily for me, a pair of tickets graciously fell into my lap.



Now, I am not one to follow celebrities or to partake much in celebrity trends other than for the simplicity of finding new hair styles while I’m waiting on my hair stylist’s bench. But this show gave for me that same gut wrenching sensation when I spotted and met some of my design heroes, much as it would for anyone else passing by Ryan Gosling or Kim Kardashian on the streets of LA (I say this of course with the exception of spotting some of my favorite rock and folk musicians from yesteryears past).

DSC07982awebMy chance encounter and exchange of words with Mike Tyson in a busy NYC bookstore couldn’t even compare to seeing some of the paper industry’s biggest rock stars, and finding out that, yes, they are indeed as nice as they seem online. (Too bad I wasn’t brave enough to take pictures of their booths!)


But all paparazzi business aside, every booth was worth checking out to revel in the talent and to catch onto the enthusiasm that flooded the center. I can’t tell you how many creative people there are out there. From not only America, but England too. Do you know how many ways you can turn a simple 4” x 6” piece of card stock into a mailable art canvas (4.25” x 5.5” for those of you who prefer the trendy smaller size)?


It was indeed a worthwhile trip, a very tiring one at that, but one that I hope will be a source of inspiration for myself in this year to come! I’d love to hear and welcome anyone else’s present and past experiences with NSS.


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