Sketching N°5 Chanel


I’m finding myself in a busy, happily busy, week now that the warm weather is in full swing. Isn’t it great to be outside again? (Sorry southern hemisphere folks!) Lately my eye has been drawn to a number of really well done ads and magazine covers, especially their fonts and color schemes. I saw a N°5 Chanel ad not too long ago and did a quick sketch of it.


I love micron pens. I’m still using my original black ones from art school, way back in 2005/6. That makes them eight years old and still going strong. Obviously they did not see hardcore use from then until now, but the ink still has a very good color and its flow is smooth. I recently picked up a grass green, cherry red, magenta, vivid orange, and cyan/royal blue. I can’t remember their exact color names, but I love how very neon they look on regular old sketch pad paper.


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