Plum Tart with Honey and Black Pepper

Bringing together the contrasting properties of sweet and saltiness isn’t exactly a science of the culinary arts, but it is nevertheless a lesser experimented concoction, and one that always brings a tingling to the taste buds! So when a surplus of summery plums came my way, it was just that. It’s fair to assume that […]

Berry and Tarragon Pavlova Illustration

  Life is moving at a faster pace and my illustration work is in turn being produced at a bit slower of a rate these days. So I will post something old, but all the same it is an illustration that I like very much. Berries and fresh herbs seem like the perfect topping to […]

A very vintage Fairytale Wedding from Mint + Varnish

Weddings are beautiful things. The bride looks picture perfect, the groom charming as ever. Family and friends looking their brightest. But what happens when a designer gets married is something more. As if two worlds collide, weddings and designers are made for one another. Such was the case this past June when my friend, Los […]