A very vintage Fairytale Wedding from Mint + Varnish


Weddings are beautiful things. The bride looks picture perfect, the groom charming as ever. Family and friends looking their brightest. But what happens when a designer gets married is something more. As if two worlds collide, weddings and designers are made for one another.


Such was the case this past June when my friend, Los Angeles based designer and blogger at Mint + Varnish, got married. Not only is Valerie Wildes the cutest button inside and out, she and her equally gallant groom are perfect for one another in a marriage partnership. And she just has plain great taste. Minimal, abundant, earthly cream-based hues, I post this because it was breathtaking.


To me, a wedding isn’t necessary. What comes before and after, the work and striving towards making marriage work between two imperfect people, is what counts. White, glitz, and glamour is fun, never the important part of two people’s most sacred earthy union. Valerie captured that importance more than anything else. But she left a little magic with her guests well after they left.


She sprinkled her fairy dust on the occasion. The bridesmaids magnificently waltzed down in vintage sage and peach dresses, handpicked and altered by the bride. Valerie herself looked like the fairy queen, wearing a modest and edgy ivory gown that looked like a paper cutout with a floor length veil.


Fresh forest berries piled on sugary cream and chocolate cakes. If little girls can dream of the day when they walk down the aisle in princess attire, Valerie succeeded. I felt like I was invited to a woodsy fairy tale, a Pennsylvania perfect wedding. Cheers to you two!


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