The Last Days of Summer: Coastal Maine

1The thing about summers is that they eventually come to an end. The endless sun filled days of open windows, tee shirts, outdoor picnics, swimming pool parties and warm, humid breezes. While the year moves onward, towards the colors of fall and the magic of winter, summer still lies somewhere deep within our hearts all throughout the year.

2As summer is coming to a close on the East coast, the nights are getting cooler and the light is fading earlier, I thought I would post one last ode to summer. One last spontaneous road trip that can only happen because of summer. This time to coastal Maine. A hop, skip, and a jump away through New York and Boston on I-95, a snippet of New Hampshire, and then coastal Route 1 comes into view.

3What I remember most about Maine is its color and its serenity. Its gray rocky crags next to its aquamarine blue oceans and bays. Humble people, good food (think lobster rolls and blueberry sodas), and a preserved earthly beauty.

4In the back of my mind, Maine evoked ideas of wealth and large presidential retreats. And while we drove through Kennebunk, the ultimate destination was far from there. Acadia National Park is a nature lover’s paradise.

5We hiked…

MaineMaineWe camped…

6We swam…

7aWe ate watermelon and blueberry ice creams…

8We ferried…

8bWe toured…


And most of all, we lived.10

What are your final summer memories?


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