Artist Inspiration: Geninne Zlatkis’ Birds

IMG_8380awebWhen creative inspiration runs a dry spell, I’ve always found that taking a break from my style and trying some other talented creative’s style seems to be the trick, and is a lot of fun along the way!


Geninne Zlatkis is one of my favorite illustrators living in the rural hills outside of Mexico City. I love her iconic brightly colored birds and Mexican flora. She’s an artist always making something new, always creative in her daily life from shopping to ceramic making, and someone to really look up to! Not to mention, how joyful are each of her pieces? Google her. She’s everywhere.


I bought one of her bird and cactus prints off of Etsy a little while back, Agave Azul. Here is the bird agenda that I’m using this year. The inside is peppered with bird and plant illustrations on every page!


Here is my 30 minute go of one of her birdies using blue, yellow, magenta, and white ink. Geninne clearly knows what she’s doing when it comes to birds and I’ll leave her at that. But it adds a dash of color in a new home…more on that to come. For now, have a great end of your week!


2 thoughts on “Artist Inspiration: Geninne Zlatkis’ Birds

    • Thanks Pat! I love how regional and universal her art is at the same time. My rendition is based off of one of her not-for-sale birds that she posted on Facebook, so I can’t take credit!

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