What Niger Wears: An Update on Nigerien Fashion

Clothes seem to me, to be such an integral part of culture. Where would the U.S. be today without Levi Strauss’ fine invention? And the tee-shirt stemming from our Great War era? While arguably not the most chic of examples in American couture, every red-blooded American has worn them. Just once. Probably far more often […]

Joyeux Anniversaire Cupcakes

I’ve always been more of a pie girl than a cake girl. It’s just something about warm gooey fruit that just makes my heart melt. But cupcakes, good cupcakes, are all the rage these days. And rightfully so. Cupcakes today are a far cry from those 7-year-old birthday parties. They are moist, sophisticated, and a […]

Nigerien Desertscapes

Niger is quite literally off the map. Coming here, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I couldn’t find much at all in written or in photo form. Would it be lush and green like so many parts of West Africa, or more Sahara-like like it’s more northern desert-country cousins. Google provided little help […]

Birthday Wishes Illustration

As I write, my oven lacks a certain functionality for which I have yet to find a solution. In plain English, I am not an oven mechanic, so cooking my own meals via the oven is out of the question for now! And since I used the oven mostly for baking, especially cakes, even more […]

Welcome to Niger

Sometimes once in a lifetime opportunities come, well, once in a life time. And when they do come, sometimes you have the take the plunge. It’s scary sometimes. Maybe not even quite sane. But when they come, there’s usually nothing better to do than dive in head first. Murky waters and all. And that’s what […]