Welcome to Niger

IMG_8236awebSometimes once in a lifetime opportunities come, well, once in a life time. And when they do come, sometimes you have the take the plunge. It’s scary sometimes. Maybe not even quite sane. But when they come, there’s usually nothing better to do than dive in head first. Murky waters and all.


And that’s what happened to me. After months and months of waiting, it came. The opened door. And I’m here now, in a foreign place where I never quite pictured myself being. But I have faith that God knows more than I.


So I thought I’d share a bit of my life, in my current phase, of living in Niger. You are not alone. No one I spoke with before leaving had ever heard of Niger. Nigeria yes, but Niger no. But that is why, friends, we have those lovely Google maps to help us get around.

IMG_8203awebI have come here for several months at least, to document, photograph, write, translate and communicate. To share life here as I see it with those back at home. A NGO working in this place took me on for a bit, and it is my hope that I can share and learn a lot. To be a sponge of cultural nuance!


But in the meantime, my creative eye can’t help but go a flutter. With the colors, sites, sounds and newness of it all. So welcome to my point of view of what it’s like to live in Niger, for at least a few months. Based in the capital Niamey and traveling out to the “Bush”, visiting Hausa, Djerma and Fulani villages. My simple goal is to show the beauty that exists in this place despite the circumstances surrounding it. I still will showcase my illustration and inspiration, but inspiration can’t help but be found living outside of the familiar. So without further ado, bienvenue au Niger, welcome to Niger.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Niger

    • Thank-you perelincolors! I didn’t know much about Niger before I arrived, and I couldn’t really find much online. Hopefully I can give some creative insight on this country to others!

  1. You’ve done a great job, your photos are beautiful and now we can see what you’ve found on your adventure!
    Looking forward to more.

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