Design Inspiration: Kiki & Coco in Paris

Children’s books are grossly underrated as a legitimate art media form. They are not canvases; they don’t hang on you walls (unless you buy a print). Yet still, some of the world’s most talented creatives and artists use children’s books to not only touch the hearts and minds of young children, but to display their […]

Where is all the African Art?

I am a person that can move somewhere and not miss what I’ve left behind. Some say I lack a certain set of emotions (namely you mother!), others say that I’m practical. Whatever may be the case, one of the joys of travelling and living somewhere new is leaving behind all expectations of what is […]

Pink Pastel Birthday Cake Girl Illustration

My newest addition. She’s smart, girly and loves anything homespun. Like this cake: a frothy pink pastel strawberry confection, which she made herself. I picture her living in London, in a tiny quaint flat in Notting Hill where she fancies her whims. Baking cakes, knitting in the wintertime, sipping earl grey and reading prose.