Design Inspiration: Kiki & Coco in Paris


Children’s books are grossly underrated as a legitimate art media form. They are not canvases; they don’t hang on you walls (unless you buy a print). Yet still, some of the world’s most talented creatives and artists use children’s books to not only touch the hearts and minds of young children, but to display their God given talent. Books are their canvases, their Sistine Chapels.


In 2011, Kiki & Coco in Paris came out with Cameron + Company and I fell in love with photography as an art medium all over again.


Because Stephanie Rausser did it so well.


Who knew that kids could read photography just as well as illustrations?


And Nina Gruener made it come alive with her short narrative. About a petite parisienne and her doll.


Not just any doll, a Jess Brown rag doll who is not only cuddly but just a little bit cool in the post-modern kind of way.

IMG_5633awebI’m one of those big kids who still buys picture books because of the art. And Kiki & Coco in Paris is one of them.


I love the lighting in these photos, the whimsy, and the je ne sais quoi of adventure in gray and rainy Paris all seen through the eyes of a little girl.


Picture books have never been just for children. The art speaks too loud and adults, big kids, can’t help but be drawn back in.


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