Merry Christmas

 IMG_1901abweb I’m back at home for a nice wintery break in the big Pennsylvania woods, and am spending it with family and friends, furry ones included! It’s nice to return to a brief sense of familiarity, a full dresser of clothes and jewelry to choose from, and brisk cold walks along scenic river view roads. I now have a brand new appreciation for the winter sun and its complex stained glass effects over the hardened ground and wooded hills!


IMG_2664awebComing back to a cold climate, and all the more knowing that I will be leaving it in a week or two, I love the romantic appeal of the season: soft white twinkling lights, authentic fur and juniper boughs lining mantle places, seasonally flavored hot chocolate and chai teas (think peppermint!), old family traditions, and the sound of bubbling cold creeks flowing down the hill side. What do you love about the Christmas season?

IMG_1919awebIMG_1710awebOne last Christmas song to hear before we are whisked away into thoughts of a brand new year!

Wishing you all a very merry belated Christmas from my wintery art studio, no matter if your Christmas is surrounded by evergreens or palms!





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