Chevre aux Herbes Illustration


2015 has so far seemed to pace itself at an alarming rate of speed. Flying internationally and moving from seasons sometimes does that to you. I’m back now in Niamey, after an almost month long of spending Christmas in a winter wonderland with 0 degree temperatures. The air here is getting drier as the region amps up for the hot season. Purportedly, 130 degree temperatures are not uncommon.


This Saturday has finally calmed down and I’ve been able to sit still and focus on painting. I just watched Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, a biopic about artist Margaret Keane. While I can’t say that I’m in love with her style and subject matter, I love watching films that show how artists work and live. Burton’s film was no exception to my love of watching biopics about inspirational people. Keane would often paint sixteen hours a day in her studio outside of San Francisco. At any rate, Margaret was a good inspiration while I was able to doodle and paint this piece for a few hours.

IMG_4249aweb IMG_6769aweb

 I haven’t been able to find chevre here in Niamey, but I can at least dream. For now I’m sticking to Emmental and La vache qui rit. Chevre reminds me of the perfect autumn into winter cheese selection and despite the warm temps here, it seemed appropriate to sketch it. Bonne dégustation with whatever winter fare you may be warming your innards with!


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