Joyeuse Pâques from Nice, France


My favorite quote about Easter and the whole Easter season was written by a friend of mine who lives and works out of LA: Death is dead.



And in just those three words that is it. The whole point of Easter, and the whole point of living. Because we are loved so, so very dearly, death no longer serves as a point of fear for those who choose life. Over 2,000 years ago, that happened. For us, me and you. You know the documented stories. I dare you to re-read the books of Matthew or John. How do you fit into this equation?


Nice, France came into the picture because I was sick, and wasn’t really getting sufficiently better in Niger. How lucky am I that I could leave and seek proper medical care. So that is what I’m doing in France: getting better. I’m on my way to getting there too.



This Easter season has left me feeling super blessed, blessed to have found renewed physical healing, blessed to have understood what so many others are going through in sickness, blessed to have been able to come home to this beautiful place in Provence.



What I love most about coming back here is the light. The white light that is so different from the light in the north of France even. The Mediterranean glow. Easter morning commenced with a sunrise service and songs on the beach with a visiting friend. Soft greys, aqua blues, and cotton candy pinks clouded my eyes.



And then next were the sweet indulgences into all things divinely Provençal: baguettes smothered with crusty sheep cheese, green olives bathed in garlic and basil, flaky warm socca, salty pissaladière (onion, anchovy and olive Provençal pizza), fragrant gariguette dessert strawberries, and caramelized apple tarts. All bought locally from the Cours Saleya marché.



We later stopped by to visit Marc Chagall’s Biblical depictions of Genesis, Exodus, Kings, and Song of Solomon, large mural like canvases full of color and shape. A perfectly rounded day celebrating the season and the small lovely things that encompass our day-to-day.



I’ve yet to have an Easter like this one, but am so very glad that I did and could enjoy the sweetness of color, beauty, friendship and above all, freedom from death!




2 thoughts on “Joyeuse Pâques from Nice, France

  1. So glad you are feeling better, my friend! There is such beauty and charm in your pictures, I feel renewed myself, I feel the light even though I’m reading this late at night! Oh those strawberries . . . and what are the delightful little dainties in the last photo?
    Death is dead: the perfect chant for the season. Alleluia, life and growth are once more given to us!

    • The last photo is a close up of Nids de Pâques, a small chocolate cake with chocolate eggs and everything else sugar on top. They come out around Easter time! I haven’t yet tasted one because they looked too chocolaty for my taste, but I love how sweet they look! Thanks for commenting Pat 🙂

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