Inspired by Titouan Lamazou

IMG_4940Coming home to France has united me with endless upon endless cardboard boxes sitting in a dark, dank basement. Opening them has brought back reminders of life here, as well as lots of neat trinkets that I cherished hanging on my walls.

 IMG_4962 IMG_4958


One such find was a 2012 calendar by French artist Titouan Lamazou.


IMG_4966 IMG_4964

Looking through that calendar and then a book by him entitled Femmes du Monde, I remembered why I loved his collage, wispy illustration style so much. I think you will like him too.

IMG_4937 IMG_4938

IMG_4933 IMG_4930

Lamazou has literally travelled the world, publishing his travel sketchbooks along the way such as Carnets de voyage and Africaines des grands lacs. Known for his boat riding escapades to foreign lands, he was recognized as the UNESCO Artist for Peace in 2003 and works on projects with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).


IMG_4951 IMG_4947

Some of my favorite pieces of his work are from his travels through Mali, Niger and Mauritania, as well as a series in Brazil. I can only imagine the stories he has yet to tell.

IMG_4959 IMG_4967

IMG_4957 IMG_4950

He is not as present on the web as say in a French bookstore, but have a look around and see for yourself.

IMG_4971 IMG_4969


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