Nidhi for Nepal

maya-2Have any of you heard of the San Fran based artist and illustrator Nidhi Chanani? Not only does she share her graphic illustrations via her daily e-letter Everyday Love, but she’s won some pretty prestigious awards along the way such as the White House Champion for Change title. A lot of her work shares the colors and joys of diversity.

Today I found this little gem in my inbox, and I wanted to share it with you. From Nidhi:

maya means love in nepali. i want to send loads of love to nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake. i know i can channel my sadness into art – so i created this piece.

this is for the nepali people. it will be available as a limited edition print through this sunday May 3rd with 100% of the profit going to mercy corps.

Thanks, Nidhi, for making art that makes a direct difference in people’s lives! You can buy Maya here in three different sizes.

For more information on how you can help with the recent earthquake disaster in Nepal, here is a good article to check out from Relevant Magazine. Have any of you been directly affected by the earthquake in Nepal?

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