ABC Animals: R comme Renard

Is there ever an age too old to fall in love with the classic ABC illustration? A visual mnemonic device for children learning to read, I find ABC illustrations to be the quintessential project for artists new and old, seeking to express and perfect their artistic style. William Denslow did it, Graeme Base did, and […]

Design Inspiration: Renaissance Fox and Rabbit Pillow by Woven Art New York

This pillow will soon reach antique status, a gift from a family friend in the early 1990s, but I love it all the same. It has a decidedly old world European feel, but fits into modern day décor. I’ve had a pop over to Woven Art New York’s online shop and like less the current […]

How to Travel with Art Supplies

Since 9/11, travelling by air became tricky. My air adventures started two or three years post 9/11 and involved packing with an abundance of plastic bags, small containers of liquids and nothing remotely pointy, bye bye knitting needles. A big part of my current job mandates international air travel, not that I’m complaining there. Frequently, […]