Design Inspiration: Renaissance Fox and Rabbit Pillow by Woven Art New York


This pillow will soon reach antique status, a gift from a family friend in the early 1990s, but I love it all the same. It has a decidedly old world European feel, but fits into modern day décor.

IMG_6330aIMG_6327awebI’ve had a pop over to Woven Art New York’s online shop and like less the current designs than this 1990s ABC bunny and fox theme. Nevertheless, I thought it would be fun to design a nursery with a European wilderness scheme with this pillow as my focal point. Think the English Cotswolds and Bavarian forests, dreamy, magical and child-like, but decidedly not baby.


1 Petunia Pickle Bottom Statement Satchel in Paprika, 2 Dwell Studio Woodland Tumble Nursery Bedding, 3 Appalachian Spring Heirloom Wooden Baby Rattle, 4 The Blueberry Elephant Mustard Merino Wool Booties, 5 Colette Bream Gold Leather Crown, 6 Jacadi Paris A l’ombre des pins Fir Green Cotton Cardigan, 7 Olive Juice Chambray Baby Bloomer, 8 Becca Stadlander Strawberries Wall Art, 9 Walnut Animal Society Henry the Fox, 10 Uncle Goose French ABC Blocks, 11 Land of Nod Folkland Admiral Upholstered Settee, 12 Wizard Of Oz Toadstool Baby Booties by Funky Shapes, 13 Little Lark Hemlock Body Suit, 14 French Attic Finds Vintage Hangers

At this life stage, there are a number of my dear and close friends in their late twenties and early thirties who are loving and cherishing Mamahood, so this one is for them. Both professionals during the day/Mamas at night and stay-at-home Mamas all day long, I am amazed at how they can do it all so sacrificially!


2 thoughts on “Design Inspiration: Renaissance Fox and Rabbit Pillow by Woven Art New York

  1. Thanks, Pat for your comment! I’ve considered purchasing a Henry the Fox for myself! He seems like a cheery sort of fellow to have about. The creators of Walnut Animal Society did a lovely number on him.

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