ABC Animals: R comme Renard

IMG_6828awebIs there ever an age too old to fall in love with the classic ABC illustration? A visual mnemonic device for children learning to read, I find ABC illustrations to be the quintessential project for artists new and old, seeking to express and perfect their artistic style.

IMG_6765awebWilliam Denslow did it, Graeme Base did, and so did Oliver Jeffers. What I love about these designs is that they bring us back to our younger selves, at a time when we were more creative, more trusting and more daring. We dreamed of all sorts of fantasies that somehow our adult selves choose to ignore.

IMG_6767awebI painted this one a few months back. After searching high and wide for a cute ABC illustration that would whet my appétit for all things French, I decided that it was about time I made up my own ABC animal alphabet. With the idea of the French countryside in mind, I soon expanded my alphabet to instead encompass all European animals, the stuff of Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. My first letter is R, r is for fox. I think this fox would make a darling add to any kids or adults wall collection!


One thought on “ABC Animals: R comme Renard

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