Birds of Africa: Pink Flamingo, f comme flamant rose

IMG_7673webAfrica undeniably has a wanderers allure attached to it. Think the ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Conrad or any other 19th early 20th writer who romanticized the continent’s wild and indigenous qualities: “You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions” (Karen Blixen).

Flamant rose. Famille des Phoenicoptéridés. Ordre : Phoenicoptériformes

Flamant rose. Famille des Phoenicoptéridés. Ordre : Phoenicoptériformes

Unfortunately these romantic notions more or less lumped the continent together; people outside of here have a tendency to ask, “So how is Africa?” instead of making it even a regionally specific place.

IMG_7674awebAlas, I can’t help but dream it up a bit myself, when I think of its fabulous colors and great adventures that await. Sometimes I am blue living here, but in the scope of things, this is a pretty fabulous opportunity. I only wish I could take more photos to share with others what I see, but for now it will have to remain in an illustrated form.


Harping back on my European animal collection, here is F, the majestic pink flamingo. While I was actually drawing the pink flamingo who lives in the Camargue region of France, Eastern Africa and the flamingo just seem to go hand and hand. Juba does not allow me to see a great amount of nature, but once in a while I catch a flicker of a yellow breasted beauty flying around, oblivious to the chaos lurking under wing.


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