Moroccan Mint Tea Illustrated


One of my favorite portfolio pieces from a little while back, an advert for Moroccan Mint Tea. I was happy with how it turned out.



Life in South Sudan post July 2016 has made life outside of work a bit of a balance, and sometimes being on the computer editing photos and illustrations is the last thing I feel like doing. My Photoshop is back up and running six months later however, so I no longer have the excuse of not editing!


Wishing everyone in the colder north a warm and cozy week ahead with your favorite cuppa to get you through!


4 thoughts on “Moroccan Mint Tea Illustrated

  1. I like your illustrated script and minty art, Amandinette. I just used my tea ball today, to sample some Butterfly Pea Flower tea my daughter gave me, purchased on her honeymoon in Thailand. I think I’ll need it more this week, snow predicted!

    • Thank-you for your continued encouragement along the way! Butterfly Pea Flower tea, wow, that sounds very unique; I’ve never heard of it before. What kind of taste does it have?

  2. It’s very floral, I’d say -the dried buds are deep blue-purple, making the tea a beautiful blue with a bit of green tinge. I’ve never drunk blue tea before! I did sweeten it with honey, and halfway thru added some half & half, making it a beautiful sky blue color.

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