Joyeuse Pâques from Nice, France

My favorite quote about Easter and the whole Easter season was written by a friend of mine who lives and works out of LA: Death is dead. And in just those three words that is it. The whole point of Easter, and the whole point of living. Because we are loved so, so very dearly, […]

Chevre aux Herbes Illustration

2015 has so far seemed to pace itself at an alarming rate of speed. Flying internationally and moving from seasons sometimes does that to you. I’m back now in Niamey, after an almost month long of spending Christmas in a winter wonderland with 0 degree temperatures. The air here is getting drier as the region […]

Birthday Wishes Illustration

As I write, my oven lacks a certain functionality for which I have yet to find a solution. In plain English, I am not an oven mechanic, so cooking my own meals via the oven is out of the question for now! And since I used the oven mostly for baking, especially cakes, even more […]

Plum Tart with Honey and Black Pepper

Bringing together the contrasting properties of sweet and saltiness isn’t exactly a science of the culinary arts, but it is nevertheless a lesser experimented concoction, and one that always brings a tingling to the taste buds! So when a surplus of summery plums came my way, it was just that. It’s fair to assume that […]

Asparagus Illustration, L’asperge verte

A pleasant farewell to spring and all of its springtime garden delights. Roasted asparagus with a hint of lemon, a sprig or two of rosemary, a splash of olive oil (not too much), and much needed chopped fragrant garlic cloves make this dish one of the simple reasons why I love fresh produce.   I […]

Macaron Paris Illustration

Nothing that a little powdered sugar, egg whites, almond and jam can’t cure. Why are macaroons so simply irresistible? A tad nostalgic for France, raspberry jam smashed between two pillowy fruit flavored biscuits is probably my favorite flavor, after salted butter caramel. But I haven’t yet tried rose, or lavender, or even Madagascar chocolate. My […]

American Apple Pie à la française

Nothing quite spells out A-m-e-r-i-c-a more than apple pie. Really, name one American who just doesn’t love that gooey deliciousness of baked freshly picked apples with a twist of cinnamon and lemon between a buttery crisp crust. It’s the signature dish of all that’s delicious and patriotic. It’s the finishing touch to those infamous hot […]