March Snows

Some more snow touched the slushy half-frozen clay ground today in a place, the only place, where I can continuously call “home”. Pennsylvania bound, I’m here on a self imposed time-out, a rest and rehabilitation that lasts longer than two weeks. I’m staying still, no travels, no job options, just being. And for now, after […]

Cartoons and Conflict: Humanitarian Crises through the Graphic Novel

I often lament over the lack of art and popping colors in my home of South Sudan. The rational left half of my brain says, “of course there can’t be art, these people are doing all they can to just survive day-by-day”. But the imaginative right side says, “of course they’re surviving, but why can’t […]

Moroccan Mint Tea Illustrated

One of my favorite portfolio pieces from a little while back, an advert for Moroccan Mint Tea. I was happy with how it turned out. Life in South Sudan post July 2016 has made life outside of work a bit of a balance, and sometimes being on the computer editing photos and illustrations is the […]

Paris, je t’aime

In light of the recent events, I find it appropriate to post this now. One of my favorite cities, France was my home for five years and holds a very special place in my heart. Around the globe and in places of conflict, these atrocities are not new: Syria, Iraq, North Korea, even here in […]

Birds of Africa: Pink Flamingo, f comme flamant rose

Africa undeniably has a wanderers allure attached to it. Think the ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Conrad or any other 19th early 20th writer who romanticized the continent’s wild and indigenous qualities: “You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions” (Karen Blixen). Unfortunately these romantic notions more or less lumped the continent together; […]

Giraffe Dreaming in Niger in the Guardian

This month has been consumed by numbers and words, but mostly numbers and refining budgets, which is not always the most comforting and carefree of ways to spend a day to a natural born creative. Since arriving here, into a new job title and a new country, more to come on that, the majority of […]

ABC Animals: R comme Renard

Is there ever an age too old to fall in love with the classic ABC illustration? A visual mnemonic device for children learning to read, I find ABC illustrations to be the quintessential project for artists new and old, seeking to express and perfect their artistic style. William Denslow did it, Graeme Base did, and […]

Le petit déjeuner Illustration

Yum, how do you eat your breakfasts? There is a French couple whom I befriended while working in the NGO world in Niamey. One time, the wife, Elodie, and I went out to grab some croissants, pain au chocolate and pain aux raisins at a local boulangerie. And then we went back to her office. […]

The Tattoo Question

Whether 13, 28 or 52, I think it’s safe to say that tattoos crossed our minds at least once no matter how rebellious or obedient we considered ourselves to be at the time. I’ll admit, I’ve been fantasizing about one for the past several months. So after a week long stay in my apartment battling […]