Cartoons and Conflict: Humanitarian Crises through the Graphic Novel

I often lament over the lack of art and popping colors in my home of South Sudan. The rational left half of my brain says, “of course there can’t be art, these people are doing all they can to just survive day-by-day”. But the imaginative right side says, “of course they’re surviving, but why can’t […]

Tea Time: Inspired by Illustrated Tea Packaging

As I sip down a glass of cool tamarind iced tea accessorized with slices of mango, orange and starfruit, I feel instantly relaxed, recharged and mostly at ease. There’s just something about tea, about its history and its beauty before being cultivated that enchants me. Even more so than coffee, tea evokes a need for […]

Design Inspiration: Renaissance Fox and Rabbit Pillow by Woven Art New York

This pillow will soon reach antique status, a gift from a family friend in the early 1990s, but I love it all the same. It has a decidedly old world European feel, but fits into modern day décor. I’ve had a pop over to Woven Art New York’s online shop and like less the current […]

Nidhi for Nepal

Have any of you heard of the San Fran based artist and illustrator Nidhi Chanani? Not only does she share her graphic illustrations via her daily e-letter Everyday Love, but she’s won some pretty prestigious awards along the way such as the White House Champion for Change title. A lot of her work shares the […]

Inspired by Titouan Lamazou

Coming home to France has united me with endless upon endless cardboard boxes sitting in a dark, dank basement. Opening them has brought back reminders of life here, as well as lots of neat trinkets that I cherished hanging on my walls.   One such find was a 2012 calendar by French artist Titouan Lamazou. […]

The Tattoo Question

Whether 13, 28 or 52, I think it’s safe to say that tattoos crossed our minds at least once no matter how rebellious or obedient we considered ourselves to be at the time. I’ll admit, I’ve been fantasizing about one for the past several months. So after a week long stay in my apartment battling […]

Inspired by MilK Magazine

When I find something beautiful, something that makes me pause and take pleasure in the here and now, I have to have it. For inspiration, encouragement and just a reminder that life is simply beautiful for the little things. So on route through Paris, and bookstores are always my priority wherever I travel, I found […]

The Gratitude Thing

Over here, everyone works on Thanksgiving Day, American expats alike. So the fact that I’m writing this several days after Thanksgiving is not totally off as most celebrated it this past weekend. On Thanksgiving Day, I did eat turkey (yes, however rare, there is turkey in Niger), mashed potatoes and stuffing. And was it good. […]

Design Inspiration: Kiki & Coco in Paris

Children’s books are grossly underrated as a legitimate art media form. They are not canvases; they don’t hang on you walls (unless you buy a print). Yet still, some of the world’s most talented creatives and artists use children’s books to not only touch the hearts and minds of young children, but to display their […]

Where is all the African Art?

I am a person that can move somewhere and not miss what I’ve left behind. Some say I lack a certain set of emotions (namely you mother!), others say that I’m practical. Whatever may be the case, one of the joys of travelling and living somewhere new is leaving behind all expectations of what is […]