Weekend Favorites: Flow Magazine

Sometimes the weekends just drag into your Mondays. And why shouldn’t they? Last Saturday, my day was made when my local English bookshop in Athens, Greece (I moved!) had for sale the latest edition of Flow Magazine International. How lovely is this cover by Anne Bentley? I love seeing ladies of diversity as cover models, […]

Where to Shop in East Africa: South Sudan

One of the perks of being a humanitarian, and a big perk at that, is that when there is immediate conflict at your door step, you will most likely get evacuated. I add that this is a big perk because the reality is that you get evacuated when you are not a national staff, and […]

Tea Time: Inspired by Illustrated Tea Packaging

As I sip down a glass of cool tamarind iced tea accessorized with slices of mango, orange and starfruit, I feel instantly relaxed, recharged and mostly at ease. There’s just something about tea, about its history and its beauty before being cultivated that enchants me. Even more so than coffee, tea evokes a need for […]

Shopping for Nepal: Fair Trade Boutiques

1 Paper Source Nepal Lokta Fine Paper, Gold on Cream Mums, 2 TOMS Natural Canvas Festival Women’s Correa Sandals, 3 Joyn Fold-Over Clutch, 4 Ten Thousand Villages Milky Chai Tea Cup, 5 Serrv Himalayan Yak Ornaments, 6 Global Goods Partners/Aayenda Double Star Lapis Ring, 7 Serrv Terrace Stripe Dish Towels, 8 Ten Thousand Villages Elephant […]

The Tattoo Question

Whether 13, 28 or 52, I think it’s safe to say that tattoos crossed our minds at least once no matter how rebellious or obedient we considered ourselves to be at the time. I’ll admit, I’ve been fantasizing about one for the past several months. So after a week long stay in my apartment battling […]

Design Inspiration: Kiki & Coco in Paris

Children’s books are grossly underrated as a legitimate art media form. They are not canvases; they don’t hang on you walls (unless you buy a print). Yet still, some of the world’s most talented creatives and artists use children’s books to not only touch the hearts and minds of young children, but to display their […]

The Art of Using Gouache, Techniques and Brands

I knew that I would fall in love with gouache long before I ever tested it. In art classes, I’ve worked with acrylics, watercolors, and once in a blue moon black ink, but never gouache. Does gouache’s reputation of old precede it, for being a silly children’s medium? Whatever the case may be, I’ve come […]

Summer Farmers’ Markets with To Market, To Market

Summer on the east coast is in full swing and I’m loving every minute of it. Fresh fruits and veggies abound and no where moreso than at the local farmers’ markets that are popping up like daisies in urban and rural destinations alike. And while it may appear that we are indeed finally catching up […]

Crushing on Le Creuset

Happily, the notion of not only eating right but eating well has swept the country in the past decade or so. Foodie capitals dot the nation, in Austin, in Portland, and I’ve been hearing some good things about Charleston, South Carolina as of late. When I lived in France, I learned not only to eat […]

Summer Reading with Elizabeth Gilbert

The perks of living near a world famous author: free foreign language goodies! Loving my Désirs de pèlerinages, (Pilgrims in French), and Alma Whittakers Betydelige Oppdagelser (The Signature of All Things in Norwegian) from Two Buttons. Too bad I can’t read Norwegian! Love summer reading @GilbertLiz