Athens: Close-up Black & White

This is my first post from my new albeit temporary home in Athens, Greece. It’s been a while since I could write after leaving South Sudan, and honestly I haven’t even begun to process the unexpected flow of emotions that came after leaving it. Conflict zones are tough, yet they stick with you; the natural […]

Humanitarian Evacuations

I’ve realized that since I’ve started this site, I’ve done very little to actually describe the places where I live as a humanitarian aid worker in Africa. Unconsciously, there could be a number of reasons for that. It could be that life is just sometimes really hard, working and living in these places, and often […]

Compassion Fatigue at Home and Abroad

Today I wanted to approach a less whimsical subject, one that is perhaps a little less full of light and color but one that is very much a part of all of our journeys. I had written up a post for this blog over New Year’s, but never posted it. And then one for springtime […]

120 Days in South Sudan

Today is a rarer day in Juba; today it rained. Although it is rainy season and the temperatures have consistently stayed in the mid-80s F, today it was different. Much welcomed and appreciated, the surrounding dried-out vegetation is having a happier day as am I. Wearing a long sleeved shirt, no matter how thin the […]

How to Make Chapati and Other Things in South Sudan

I took this strong woman’s photo a little over a week ago. As I peeked into the kitchen, dim and furnished in periwinkle and burgundy plastic chairs and tables, my grumbling tummy took a back seat as I saw the light fall upon her and her work. A faded dark light rested so comfortably on […]

How to Travel with Art Supplies

Since 9/11, travelling by air became tricky. My air adventures started two or three years post 9/11 and involved packing with an abundance of plastic bags, small containers of liquids and nothing remotely pointy, bye bye knitting needles. A big part of my current job mandates international air travel, not that I’m complaining there. Frequently, […]

Chamonix Mont Blanc

The Alps are always a good idea, even if you don’t ski. Lately my feet haven’t rested too long on the same ground before I’ve ended up somewhere else. Bouncing around the globe sure does have its merits, but it has its sacrifices too. I’m finally catching up with all of my photos now and […]

Shopping for Nepal: Fair Trade Boutiques

1 Paper Source Nepal Lokta Fine Paper, Gold on Cream Mums, 2 TOMS Natural Canvas Festival Women’s Correa Sandals, 3 Joyn Fold-Over Clutch, 4 Ten Thousand Villages Milky Chai Tea Cup, 5 Serrv Himalayan Yak Ornaments, 6 Global Goods Partners/Aayenda Double Star Lapis Ring, 7 Serrv Terrace Stripe Dish Towels, 8 Ten Thousand Villages Elephant […]

Joyeuse Pâques from Nice, France

My favorite quote about Easter and the whole Easter season was written by a friend of mine who lives and works out of LA: Death is dead. And in just those three words that is it. The whole point of Easter, and the whole point of living. Because we are loved so, so very dearly, […]

Malaria & Typhoid: Realities of Living in West Africa

Today I have nothing new, creatively-speaking, to share. My gouaches and inks are sitting still, paintbrushes and pens collecting bits of red dust that somehow creep through every opening in this house. I’ve been tucked away from the sun and the rising temperatures that seem to glow outside my window. I’ve been in this sturdy […]