March Snows

Some more snow touched the slushy half-frozen clay ground today in a place, the only place, where I can continuously call “home”. Pennsylvania bound, I’m here on a self imposed time-out, a rest and rehabilitation that lasts longer than two weeks. I’m staying still, no travels, no job options, just being. And for now, after […]

Athens: Close-up Black & White

This is my first post from my new albeit temporary home in Athens, Greece. It’s been a while since I could write after leaving South Sudan, and honestly I haven’t even begun to process the unexpected flow of emotions that came after leaving it. Conflict zones are tough, yet they stick with you; the natural […]

Weekend Favorites: Flow Magazine

Sometimes the weekends just drag into your Mondays. And why shouldn’t they? Last Saturday, my day was made when my local English bookshop in Athens, Greece (I moved!) had for sale the latest edition of Flow Magazine International. How lovely is this cover by Anne Bentley? I love seeing ladies of diversity as cover models, […]

Cartoons and Conflict: Humanitarian Crises through the Graphic Novel

I often lament over the lack of art and popping colors in my home of South Sudan. The rational left half of my brain says, “of course there can’t be art, these people are doing all they can to just survive day-by-day”. But the imaginative right side says, “of course they’re surviving, but why can’t […]

Where to Shop in East Africa: South Sudan

One of the perks of being a humanitarian, and a big perk at that, is that when there is immediate conflict at your door step, you will most likely get evacuated. I add that this is a big perk because the reality is that you get evacuated when you are not a national staff, and […]

Humanitarian Evacuations

I’ve realized that since I’ve started this site, I’ve done very little to actually describe the places where I live as a humanitarian aid worker in Africa. Unconsciously, there could be a number of reasons for that. It could be that life is just sometimes really hard, working and living in these places, and often […]

Moroccan Mint Tea Illustrated

One of my favorite portfolio pieces from a little while back, an advert for Moroccan Mint Tea. I was happy with how it turned out. Life in South Sudan post July 2016 has made life outside of work a bit of a balance, and sometimes being on the computer editing photos and illustrations is the […]

Tea Time: Inspired by Illustrated Tea Packaging

As I sip down a glass of cool tamarind iced tea accessorized with slices of mango, orange and starfruit, I feel instantly relaxed, recharged and mostly at ease. There’s just something about tea, about its history and its beauty before being cultivated that enchants me. Even more so than coffee, tea evokes a need for […]

Compassion Fatigue at Home and Abroad

Today I wanted to approach a less whimsical subject, one that is perhaps a little less full of light and color but one that is very much a part of all of our journeys. I had written up a post for this blog over New Year’s, but never posted it. And then one for springtime […]

Birds of Africa: Pink Flamingo, f comme flamant rose

Africa undeniably has a wanderers allure attached to it. Think the ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Conrad or any other 19th early 20th writer who romanticized the continent’s wild and indigenous qualities: “You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions” (Karen Blixen). Unfortunately these romantic notions more or less lumped the continent together; […]